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Welcome to LOMIC accessories Hi-Fi

LOMIC accessories Hi-Fi has operated in the European market since 2008. We produce the high quality spikes and pads for speakers, stands and audio equipment (CD players, record players, amplifiers). Anti-vibration spikes resting in pads reduce vibration transmission between devices and a base they are placed on. The spikes are used in order to separate equipment from the base and to obtain perfect listening conditions. We offer our products to all those who value the high quality of sound.

It is our aim to create products made in such a way as to provide clients with great listening advantages, durability, versatility and aesthetic design. The whole production process is located at our seat in Poland. We offer pads and spikes made of stainless steel and of powder coated steel. Taking into consideration the durability of the layer we use powder coating instead of oxidation, which is the case with other pads and spikes available in the market. Powder coating ensures advantage in the quality of the layer – aesthetic appearance and above all durability.

The LOMIC pads fit all standard spikes available in the market. The LOMIC spikes constitute an ideal set with pads offered by our company. Thanks to their versatility they can be used for speakers, stands and other speaker bases, platforms and vibration isolation tables, as well as for amplifiers, CD players and record players.

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